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Explains the differences between XHTML and HTML, as well as the benefits of adopting XHTML.

XHTML Basics

Covers the XHTML basics, including head, body, title and paragraph elements.

XHTML Example

This XHTML example covers how to declare and properly set up an XHTML page.

Declaring a DocType

Covers XHTML 1.0 Strict, Transitional, and Frameset compatibility levels and a sample XHTML doctype declaration.

XHTML Encoding

How to specify the encoding of your XHTML document.

XHTML Headers

XHTML section headers are a powerful way to give your document structure and meaning. This tutorial explains how to use the 6 built-in section headers to separate and organize your document into smaller, more managable chunks.

XHTML Comments

This tutorial explains how to document and help make sense of your Web page using XHTML comments.

XHTML Divisions

This tutorial covers breaking up your page into divisions using the XHTML div tag, allowing you to apply formatting styles to regions of a page using CSS.


This tutorial covers the use of the XHTML span tag to name smaller pieces of text and other inline elements to identify them and apply styles to them.


What's new in the XHTML 1.1 standard?

XHTML Guidelines

Expert tips, advice and guidlines for writing professional XHTML pages.


Frequently Asked Questions about XHTML.


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XHTML Topics

  1. Why XHTML?
  2. XHTML Basics
  3. XHTML Example
  4. Declaring a DocType
  5. XHTML Encoding
  6. XHTML Headers
  7. XHTML Comments
  8. XHTML Divisions
  9. XHTML Span
  10. XHTML 1.1
  11. XHTML Guidelines